Update your project's information | HumongouS.io Documentation
Update your project's information

To update the name of your project, click on the dropdown located at the top left of your dashboard and hover over the project name you’d like to change, you’ll notice some icons appearing to the right of your project’s name, click on the pencil icon to proceed.

Next thing to do is to make the changes you want to make in the form that pops up.

You can easily give your project a new name by entering it in the form and clicking the Update button.

You can also change your connection string or delete. Assuming you move your project to a new hosting platform or your server for some reason makes a change to your previous connection string, then you’ll need to update that information in the HumongouS.io app. Just follow the same process you did to update your project name but this time copy, and paste your new connection string in the second text input of the form and click on submit.

Now that you are very comfortable updating your project's information, let's see how you can collaborate with your teammates on your project.