Overview of the Humongous documentation

Overview of the Humongous documentation

This documentation is divided into multiple thematic sections outlined in the menu on your left. You can read it in any order you want, but I particularly encourage you to check out the following pages:

  • If you don't have a project yet, the Project creation tutorial is a must. It will show you how to connect your databases to Humongous.io using platforms like MongoDB Atlas, Microsoft CosmosDB, or AWS DocumentDB.
  • Regardless of your MongoDB query chops, the Search documentation will show you how to be more effective at finding what you need, using convenient date functions, keyword searches, or keyboard shortcuts.

Humongous is full of pleasant surprises, and I'm sure you'll be delighted 🥳, but if you want to talk to us, have feedback, or need a feature, shoot me (mkamagate@humongous.io) or Ari (axhelo@humongous.io) an email. We respond to all emails 👌.

The signed-in experience of this documentation is so much better! If you don't have an account yet, You can create one now.

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