Search within your collections
Search within your collections
Being able to search quickly and effectively a database is fundamental to every successful business, that's why we've invested a lot in building our Collection Search Engine.
Search queries on can be written using MongoDB Query Language or our Automatic Query Builder. In the section below, we'll give a few common examples using both.

Automatic Query Builder

The Automatic Query Builder uses a complex algorithm to infer queries based on the keywords that you type in the search bar.
This means that just typing in the search bar will return back the corresponding user matching that email address. Similarly, typing a8641ae2e2181300d4790e3b will return any field that has this ObjectID as value.

MongoDB query language

When written MongoDB queries, you have access to ObjectId and Date. On top of that, we also provide a few date helpers that you can use at any time :
$today, $yesterday, $tomorrow, $lastWeek, $lastMonth, $lastYear,$nextWeek, $nextMonth and $nextYear.


Simple query
Accessing a nested field
Using ObjectID
Using the Date object
Using custom dates
Using the $gte (Greater or equal) operation
Using the $and operator
Using the $or operator
Using the $exists operator. Matches documents that contain field, regardless of value
Using the $in operator. Matches documents where value is in specified array