Search your MongoDB collections

Search your MongoDB collections

Finding documents quickly and efficiently is core to every successful business, that's why we've invested a lot to create a great search experience on

You can write search queries using the MongoDB Query Language or our Keyword Search Engine.

Keyword Search Engine

The Keyword Search Engine infers queries based on the keywords you enter in the search bar.

This means that for example you can search your users by just typing their email addresses in the Search bar. will return the user matching that email address. Searching will return all users with an email address.

Similarly, typing a8641ae2e2181300d4790e3b will return any field that has this ObjectId as value.

MongoDB Query Language

You can directly use MongoDB Query Language in the search bar. The full documentation is available on the MongoDB website.

We've also added some useful helpers to help you work with dates. The following can be used in lieu of actual date values.

  • $date_today
  • $date_yesterday
  • $date_tomorrow
  • $date_10_minutes_ago
  • $date_9_hours_from_now
  • $date_8_days_ago
  • $date_4_weeks_ago
  • $date_3_months_from_now
  • $date_1_year_ago

MongoDB Query Examples

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