Create a project
Create a project
In order to get started with, you need to create a project. A project basically establishes a link between your database and It allows you to define specifically which collections will be displayed in the app.
First, let's collect all the connection information necessary to connect to your database. Connection information usually consist of :
  • A hostname or an IP address.
  • A port number. The default port number on MongoDB is 27017.
  • A database name.
  • Most databases are protected against unwanted access by an authentication mechanism. Generally, it would be by providing a username and a password.
Most cloud providers will provide your connection information as a connection string, but depending on your provider, the steps to get it will be vary.
A connection string looks like this :
And given our test connection information :
We will get the following connection string :
Now that we know what a connection string looks like, let's head to your database's cloud provider to fetch your connection string.
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