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Improved Mobile Search

We’ve made some improvements on the way we present the search bar on mobile. Only the current project title is shown on the header to create more space. The search bar will be accessible by clicking on the search button on the right hand side of the menu.

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Clone MongoDB charts on

It is now possible to clone your existing charts. It’s super simple. Open the chart’s contextual menu and click on Clone and voilà!

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Quick Filter Toolbar

Toolbar widgets are a new category of widgets. They add new features to your collections’ toolbar.

The first one we’ve released in the Quick filter toolbar. It gives you a way to have a list of predefined labeled queries in your collections.

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Raw Query Builder

We added the ability to write raw MongoDB aggregation queries to generate your MongoDB charts with our new Raw Query Builder feature. This post explores how it works and how your can start using it today for your dashboards.

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Search your collections with date presets

You can now use date presets like $date_yesterday or $date_3_weeks_ago to filter down your collections.

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Create custom roles for your collaborators

In case you need finer control over your collaborators roles, you can now create and assign custom roles.

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