Online MongoDB GUI

Create your data the easy way. Consume it the finest way.

No more obscure in-house admin interface for your projects. allows you to create a complete CRUD interface for your database with just a few clicks. Just plug in your MongoDB database and you're up and running in minutes. No coding, no configuration needed.

Powerful & easy to build forms.

You can choose from a variety of widgets to customize each fields on your forms. From a simple on & off switch, to a rich text field, to an s3 file uploader.

A powerful and beautifully designed search engine.

Our smart search engine tries to understand your requests and translates them into optimized MongoDB queries.
But in case you need a finer control over your search queries, you can easily switch to the query mode and write any MongoDB expression you would normally write in the shell.

Built from the ground up with collaboration in mind. Teams provides powerful collaboration tools so you can bring your people together to build great products.

Powerful dashboard. See everything, miss nothing. comes with an elegant dashboard which provides useful insights about your MongoDB collections.

Mobile ready.

Tablets and smartphones are suported out-of-the-box. All the major features available on the web app are also available on the mobile version.

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" allows you to iterate, work and collaborate much more effectively and efficiently."
Fani Maksakuli - CTO Inyourclass
"Fantastic! HumongouS is just fantastic. I’m excited to be part of the beta experience."
Eedresha Sturdivant - CEO Ekcoe

Simple Plans for Everyone!

All plans come with an unlimited, 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Per user, per month
  • 3 Projects
  • 10 Charts
Per user, per month
  • 9 Projects
  • 20 Charts
  • Custom Access Levels
Per user, per month
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Custom Access Levels
  • Uptime SLA

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