Raw Query Builder

Raw Query Builder

When we launched our MongoDB dashboard creator, the only way to create new charts was by using our Visual Query Builder. Although this enabled quick prototyping for basic charts, it quickly showed its limitations, and you expressed your needs for something more powerful.

Today we're releasing Raw Query Builder. A new way to create charts using the MongoDB Query Language.

Using the Raw Query Builder is very simple. We've introduced a new tab, next to the Visual Query Builder that lets you select the new mode. Once you click on it, you'll see an code editor to type in your query.

Once you're done writing your query, click on the Run button to test it, and you should see the result directly in the chart on your right. We will also show you hints when there are some errors in your query, or even suggestions on how to fix it in some cases.

We're super excited about this feature, and we're eager to get your feedback and the coming weeks.