AWS DocumentDB support

AWS DocumentDB support

After months of work in collaboration with AWS, we are thrilled to announce that Humongous now offers complete support for AWS DocumentDB! 🎉

DocumentDB users can now leverage our full suite of tools to improve their data-related workflows.

Let's go through some of the key features unlocked by this launch.

CRUD operations

Giving users the ability to create, view, update, and delete documents is the most fundamental aspect of a GUI, and we've worked really hard to make sure Humongous CRUD interface is powerful, yet simple and intuitive.

For example, we've made it very easy to configure how you display data in your collections so that even your non-technical teams (e.g. marketing, customer support) can use it intuitively.

Humongous MongoDB GUI table view
Humongous MongoDB GUI Screenshot
Humongous MongoDB Form


Finding the correct documents is almost always the first step in any data-related workflow. Do you want to update the status of some users? You gotta find them first! Humongous helps you quickly find what you're looking for using a keyword-based Search engine , and also gives you the full power of the MongoDB Query Language when you need it.

Access control & Permissions

Humongous comes with pre-defined roles to control which actions can your collaborators perform on your data. When that's not sufficient, you can create your own custom Roles with finer levels of granularity.

Additionally, in cases where you need to meet some regulatory compliance and standards, our Audit feature lets you monitor how your data is accessed, including details such as who accessed which collections and when.

Charts & Dashboards

Humongous lets you create lightweight and fast Dashboards for your DocumentDB collections. It gives you the comfort of a nice UI to interactively build your charts as well as the flexibility to switch to a fully fledged editor to write custom queries.

AWS DocumentDB Charts & Dashboards

Query Editor / IDE

Ad-hoc analyses are more often than not what drives the most impact in businesses. Our Query Editor tool provides the flexibility you need to quickly get high-impact analyses from your data.

AWS DocumentDB Charts & Dashboards

I hope you're as excited about this launch as we are. If you want to give it a try, head over to our Getting Started guide, and let us know what you think at