Humongous online MongoDB Playground

Humongous online MongoDB Playground

I spend at least an hour every day doing support for Humongous, and every day, there's at least one person asking for help to correctly write a query.

Even though I absolutely enjoy the conversations, I wish there was an easy way to share fully functional examples of MongoDB queries with a simple URL.

After a lot of unsuccessful digging for such a tool, we decided to build one. Welcome to the Humongous MongoDB Playground. 🤯

The project is still in infancy with many missing features, but our goal is clear: Create a place to effortlessly write and share MongoDB Snippets.

Let's see how it works.

The main window is composed of two panes.

MongoDB Playground

The left pane is where you write your MongoDB queries.

The right pane contains:

  • A tab with the content of your database that you can modify it at will.
  • The output of your queries.

In our example, the initial content is a list of countries, with their demographic information as well as their language and capital city.

Let's filter the database by only french speaking countries.

Or we can filter by countries with less than 30M people.

We can also make changes to the database content and write our queries against it. Let's go with some soccer stuff ⚽️.

This is just the beginning. We plan on incrementally improve what we have until our vision is achieved. In the meantime, do not hesitate to send your feedback to