What is a connection string? | HumongouS.io Documentation
What is a connection string?

A connection string is quite similar to what you might enter in a browser to open a webpage, the main difference is, this string creates a link between your MongoDB database and HumongouS.io instead of opening a webpage on a browser.

The format of the connection string looks like this:


mongodb:// is a way of saying "what follows is the address of a MongoDB database", the same way "https://" is used to say "what follows is the address of a website". The use of mongodb:// is optional on HumongouS.io.

username:password refers to credentials you normally use to access your database.

host points to the server on which the database is hosted while port specifies the port number. The default port number is 27017. Host can be a hostname or an IP address.

database refers to the name of your database. A mongoDB server can host more than one database, so you need to specify which one you would like to connect to.

An example of valid connection string is :


Connections string can be more complex than the one above, so for a much deeper read on connection strings, you can visit : https://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/connection-string/

Now that we know what a connection is, let's find out your.