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Create a new collection

By default, imports all existing collections from your database the first time you create a project, but most of the time your project is not static, it grows and evolves. New collections are added and existing collections are renamed or deleted.

How does deal with those changes ? is agnostic as to the changes you make to your collections. This is the intended behavior, since most of the time, you may only want to track just a subset of your collections. Say you have the following list of collections:

  • Customers
  • Addresses
  • Products
  • Orders
  • ShoppingCart
  • Http Logs

However, if you only want to view Customers and Orders collections from, you can easily remove collections you aren't interested in without affecting the real state of your database.

Now however, let's say you created a new collection in your application and you would like to see it within How would you do that? In the menu on the left side, there's a + Add collection on top of your collections list. Click on it to open the collection creator window.

Add collection button

Add collection modal

The first input field in the modal window is the name of the collection you wish to import. It's case sensitive and it needs to match exactly the collection name in your database.

Your collection name cannot be an empty string, start with the prefix system. nor contain the $ sign.

Once you're done, click on the Save button. If the collection name exists in your database, it will be imported, if it doesn't, an empty collection will be created instead.